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Rab MacInnes

Rab MacInnes in his studio
Rab MacInnes in his studio

DA., Glasgow School of Art, Fine Art & Design (Drawing & Painting)
Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, Post Graduate Diploma (Fine Art), BA hons.

Having graduated from Glasgow School of Art, Drawing and Painting (as it was then), I studied for two years in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. I won the International Competition Prize at Port Aven. I came back to Glasgow and was supported by the Scottish Arts Council. I took part in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. My painting and print work is in a number of international and private collections. I have been supported financially by the British Council, and the Gulbenkian Foundation. In February 2010 I was awarded Accreditation by the Institute of Conservation as a professional conservator / restorer.

I enjoy the medium of stained glass - the size and scale of stained glass work seems to suit my image making. It is almost traditional in European Fine Art for painters to involve themselves with stained glass.

I am married to Christine and have two sons.

Photo of Rab's house on Lewis
Rab's house

I am a Gaelic speaker from the Isle of Lewis. My house is now availlable for rent as a holiday cottage. You can see a full descrition of the house, with photographs and booking information by clicking on the image of my house.




Contact details:

Rab MacInnes
26 Kelvinside Gardens
Glasgow G12 6BB
07765 574 967



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